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We are Seniors of the Church and Society as a whole and we come together as SSOS

Seniors Saving Our Societies.

There is a place for you in this organization, this church this State of Florida


The Alabama/Florida Episcopal District is to pray on one accord for the sale of the Episcopal Residence in Alabama.
We in the South Florida Conference have been directed to pray for greater successes on the District with a Greater work for the Lord and the AME Zion Church.
We are praying for an offer to be submitted and accepted for the sale of Mt Sinai
We are praying for the needs of Hood Temple AME Zion Church in their efforts to serve the community.
We are praying for Love of Christ AME Zion Tabernacle to have spiritual and financial success we know God shall supply our needs.
We are praying for peace in the UMC Church.  We are praying for peace in the Catholic church.
We are praying for peace in Ukraine, in Russia, peace in Israel and peace in the Gaza and the middle east.
We are praying for peace in the United States, we are praying for peace in our politics.  We are praying for moral members of the Congress, the Senate, the Supreme Court and all the judges in the land. We are praying for righteous decisions from all lawmakers and our law enforcement officers.
We are praying for all women to be able to get the medical assistance they need. We are praying for all the women and girls from Israel who were raped by Hamas and all the innocents killed in the Gaza Strip by the IDF. We pray for all the victims in Israel starting on October 7, 2023. We continue to pray for peace in the middle east  We are praying for Ukraine as they approach another winter while the war rages.  We pray knowing God has this all worked out and we can rest assured in that knowledge
Please provide prayer request for the churches for the world. Submit your individual and family request under prayer requests.


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