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All Ages



"Faith and Service" 



Pink (excellence, perfection) and White (purity, joy) 



The purpose of the department is to solicit funds and supplies for home and overseas work. 




Bureau of Supply: Centennial of the Adoption by the General Conference 1912–2012 


Dear Supply Partners: 


Greetings in the Name of the One who is the Supplier of all our needs! 


Just a call to remembrance that during the months of June, July and August "Florence Randolph Day" is celebrated. Reverend Dr. Florence Randolph left us a rich legacy and as this year is the Centennial Anniversary, please let us observe this milestone, 1912 - 2012, Centennial of the Adoption of the Bureau of Supply of the WH&OMS by the General Conference, with zeal and creativity. However you celebrate, observe or commemorate the day, (either on Friday night, Saturday or Sunday) may it be a historical event in the life of your church and do please share it so your efforts can be publish in the "Missionary Seer". You can also place a "Florence Randolph Quarter-a-Day" offering container in the church or at home during the observance months, collect and send the funds in to the executive secretary. This fund will help to keep Florence Randolph's vision of sharing and caring for Jesus' sheep alive. 


Attached please find the Florence Randolph program and the WHOMS Supply Closet Transmittal Form. Although the program is being sent out late, kindly do your best from your heart, from your love for Jesus, and your desire to help care for his sheep. 


".... but with God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26 


Sara S. Cherrington 


Your Supply Partner 



Click here to download the Florence Randolph Day Program. 


Click here to download the WHOMS Supply Closet Transmittal Form.





Many have asked how they can donate emergency supplies that will be delivered when natural and other disasters such as Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Katrina cause devistation.  One way is to prepare emergency kits for Church World Services who stores them and delivers them in the time of need. With each kit donated, a shipping and handling fee of $2 per kit is requested to help Church World Services process and ship the kits during an emergency. Click here for more information about Church World Services Kits.


There are different types of kits like the CWS Baby Care Kits Click here for more information about CWS Baby Care Kits and CWS Hygiene Kits Click here for more information about CWS Hygiene Kits.




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