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All Ages



"Each One, Make One" 



White (purity, joy) and Red (fire, blood, charity) 



The person serving in the role must be a Life Member. The purpose of the department is to organize all Life Members, Matrons, Patrons, and Honorary Life members into a local council.


The Life Members Council is the most exciting department in the Women’s Home and Overseas Missionary Society! This department captures the hearts and interests of men, women, boys, and girls from across the width and breath of Zion. An investment in this department is an investment in the lives of Zion’s greatest resource: Her People! 


Becoming a member and investing in the Life Members Council supports the following ministries as listed on the Tree of Hope: 

A scholarship fund for students attending Hood Theological Seminary.

Grants and support to each of our A.M.E. Zion Church Schools.

Salaries and stipends for field workers in the overseas area.

Missionary training in America and Overseas.

Operational expenses of the General Society.

Scholarship awards for students attending an A.M.E. Zion Church School of Higher Learning.

In addition to your initial investment and receipt of a stole, we ask that you continue to support these ongoing ministries by:

Paying $5.00 annual due.

Giving a donation during the month of October for the Anna L. Anderson Observance.

Contributing to the Margaret S. Willie Scholarship Fund.

Participating in the exciting new “A Heart for Overseas Missions” project to support our missions work overseas. The attached flyer provides additional information about this project. Click here to download the Flyer


Life Members Purpose: 

Download the Life Members Purpose 



Dear District Life Members Chairmen! (a.k.a. the hardest working women in Zion) 


I know without a doubt that God is truly blessing you no matter what storm you may be going through - remember - "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, It's about learning to dance in the rain." 


And, this is so true as we continue to encourage our women, men and those responsible for our children and youth the significance and magnitude of the Life Members Department. Each of you work so hard to bring new members into the Life Members Department and for that I am thankful. I sincerely appreciate those of you who send hundreds of dollars every year for dues - you are doing more than your share! 


But, for those of you who need a little encouragement and ideas focusing on collecting dues - only $5.00 per year - here are some thoughts. The dues continue to sustain us in a great way. Attached are several forms for your use, so that each time you send in an order, list their names on the dues form and then you will have an accurate list of who to remind to pay their dues. Please feel free to modify the form to best suit your needs - our focus is on collecting dues from every Life Member - woman, man, girl and boy. 


It is your responsibility to talk about the Life Members Council throughout the year - not just in October: 

Quarterly, the local chair with permission of the pastor should put a blurb in their Sunday bulletin


Every Mass Meeting have a table set up with brochures and your form to list their names for paid dues


Every Check Up Meeting have a table set up with information on the Life Members Council and what work you have done


Have someone talk about the Life Members council who is excited about what the Council is doing


Set up a display board with pictures of your work, the universities, the work overseas for our field workers


Don't just ask them to buy a stole - tell them and tell them again about the good work of the council


Make sure each church forms a local Life Members Council


Some churches add the $5.00 to their parent body if the parent body dues is $15.00, they would pay $20.00


In October when you celebrate Annie L Anderson - collect dues


Be creative in what you do for the Life Members Council - no one wants to see and hear the same old thing all the time...look in the back of the new Study Guide


By October each district should be 100% paid out in dues



Our colleges and universities are suffering and $5.00 per Life Member will go a long ways. 


Thanks so much and always know that I am here to assist and support you. 


Warmest Regards,


Loveleen "Dee" Perkins

General Chairman, Life Members Council

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