Scripture: Psalm 51: 1-12 II Samuel 12: 7-11A

Sermon Title: God's Health Care Plan

In Psalm 51 David is disconsolate because he knew he had sinned against God. In II Samuel David said to the prophet Nathan "I have sinned against the LordIn our world today we worry about so many things, Obamacare, Medicare all these issues have us all worried. This is the sign-up period for Medicare so there are numerous commercials bombarding us all day. Some people are so anxious they get sick from worry and fret. Sin is like that and worry is sin it can make us physically and spiritually sick. Psalm 51 tells how David's sin is brought before him by Nathan and whenNathan told him about it and when he did, David immediately he had sinned against God and God alone. We know our actions can hurt other people and surely Uriah Bahtsheba's husband had been hurt by David's actions he was killed, but David says the sin, not the hurt but the sin was against God alone. We can hurt one another but we can only sin against God. Sin is defined as something that transgresses God's laws. David knew he had to acknowledge his sin and repent. When we do cruel things to peoplw we hurt them but we must always remember it is against God we sin. Sin can also be called transpass or transgression, trans means crossing the line. God drew a line in the sand and David crossed it. Iniquity is another word we associate with sin, iniquity is twisting or distorting the right to the wrong. David sistorted sex which was something instituted by God for marriage but David took that and turned it into a sin, he distorted what God meant for good to something God considered sin. Three key points I want to make. 1) Acknowledge we have sinned and repent 2) admit we are sinful from birth 3) admit whe we have hurt others by our sin, people don't care about sin they just care about the hurt you made them feel. God is concerned how we treat each other. When David sinned he did not have the blood of Jesus like we do today. David needed God's mercy so he asked God to purge him with hysop to blot out his sin. David knew as we should know that God will forgive if we would appeal to God and fall on His mercy. If we will but appeal to God for mercy then we can be cleansed we can stop worrying and fretting we can stop committing suicide and trust God. When we come to God for healing we must know that God has a Health Plan. There is a balm in Gilead and that balm is Jesus. God Bless you, get on God's health plan.

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