Scripture 2 Samuel 1: 1-16

Sermon Title: Rise Above It

This is a continuation from the last sermon Resist Revenge. The text for the sermon is 2 Samuel 1: 17-19 which reads 17 David took up this lament concerning Saul and his son Jonathan, 18 and he ordered that the people of Judah be taught this lament of the bow (it is written in the Book of Jashar):19 “A gazelle[a] lies slain on your heights, Israel. How the mighty have fallen! In these verses David laments the tragic death of King Saul and his sons. It tells the story of what happens when the strong become weak and vulnerable. In present times we have had the fall of some powerful people, Tiger Woods, O. J. Simpson which were tragic. I Samuel 31 tells what happens when leaders fall the followers suffer, it has even happened in our own district where a leader a pastor has fallen and the church suffered. Saul's fall came when he sinned against God, for one he consulted with the witch of Endor after God told him not to do it and when he kept trying to kill David. God allowed Sauls past to catch up with him. We must remember to wait upon the Lord for they that wait upon the Lord wait not in vain. We must remember that vengence is Mine saith the Lord, the Lord will repay. Even though Saul and David are enemies by this time, they still both serve the same Lord. David repeatedly resisted the temptation to profit from what happened. David's love for God was greater than his need for revenge. We must be careful not to treat other Christians badly, or treating anyone badly for all life is sacred to God. Our respect for God should always outweigh our need for revenge or anything else. David had the messenger killed who brought the news of Sauls death. Before he was put to death David asked him, did he not worry about killing God's annointed. This man had come to David with this news thinking he could curry some favor from David by telling him the news of Sauls death and that he had assisted Saul in dying. We must be careful when people seek our favor by disrespecting others for they would do the same to you given the chance. David knew he must ascend to the throne the right way, as king David had to keep the respect for his kingship. We must not get joy from someone elses fall. No matter what the other person has done we must not seek revenge. We must leave it to God for He will do it the right way so the person will learn from their mistake. We must be careful when others come to join our churches or denomination, we should not allow them to speak badly of their old church or denomination. Even as churches we should leave it to God to deal with wrong doers. Never tear someone else down to build yourself up. Oh Master let me walk with thee, it won't be easy but it will be the high way. It's a high way to heaven none can walk up there but the pure in heart. It's a high way to heaven walking up the Kings high way.

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