A Timeline from Friday till Sundown

6 a.m.

  • Jesus Stands Trial Before Pilate *****Washes his hands******

As Roman governor and supreme judge in the province from 26-37 A.D., Pilate had the sole authority to execute a criminal. This soldier and politician found himse...

Scripture: Luke 19: 29-42    Sermon Title: Palm Sunday Road

Come ye disconsolate where ere you roam.  Come to the mercy seat reverntly kneel.  Here bring your wounded heart, here bring your sadness. Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.  Our sermon this morn...

Scripture: Job 14: 16-22       Sermon Tittle: Water VS Rock


This morning our scripture was from Job 14: 16-22 where Job talks a little about the force of water, the power of water and the rock.  The sermon is entitled Water and the Rock.  I just want to...

Scripture: Psalm 37: 1-11  Sermon Title: Fret Not


The scripture this morning was from Psalm 37 and it is all about not fearing man.  The title this Lenten Sunday is Fret Not.  So my question, what are you fretting about this morning, did you have a long night of prayer...

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Scripture : John 20: 24-30  Sermon Title: Our Blessed Assurance---The Wounds of Jesus

Text: John 20:27-28

27”Then he said to Thomas, ‘Put your finger h...


May 4, 2016

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